Many people have a cup of coffee every day, and coffee is life. We believe that a good life will be more divided by drinking a good cup of coffee. - So we are committed to providing fresh and delicious coffee or drinks, There are also delicious desserts that complement the aromatic glycol of coffee. - Pay more attention to your consumer experience. The origin of the sun For us, it is the day of living on Hudao. Owning a shop is our dream style of life, and we want to convey it to you through a cup of coffee, and we also believe that a good life will be rewarded with a cup of good coffee. The English name comes like this, just WOO and Hui homophony. - For foreigners, he will know that Kinmen is also called Hudao, and he stayed on the island for a few days and drank an impressive cup of coffee. - Well, the above are complex implicit translations, the most concise and powerful sub-standard: in our Hudao, enrich your days with coffee.