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Since ancient times, Minnan folk customs have a habit of tasting tea. Generally, pastry snacks are the best choice for refreshments. There are many types of pastry making in Kinmen early days, and tribute sugar is also a kind of pastry. The process of making sugar is that you need to fry the peanuts, beat them into peanut flour, boil the malt, stir, press, and finally cut into small pieces of sugar, which melts at the entrance, the fragrance is overflowing, and the mouth is fragrant . Address: No. 1, Lifuxing Road, Xinshi, Jinhu Town, Jinmen County Phone: 082-331533 Business Hours: 8:00-21:00</pre>


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    • Store AnnouncementNew store opening

      Good news~~Good news, the third store in Kinmen is about to open. The Tianzhi Guigongtang Jincheng General Armed Forces store is now in the stage of trial sale. Welcome everyone to come and taste the delicious tribute. Zhigui Gongtang's private refreshment!

    • EventKinmen Spring Travel Subsidy

      Kinmen Spring Tour Subsidy starts in May! Do you have a clear way to apply for subsidies? The editor will sort out the most frequently asked questions, and arrange the following subsidy time: 5/1-6/30 (check in from Sunday to Thursday) Subsidy object: only for national national subsidies: 1. 500 yuan per room per night 2. [Youth Plus] 18 to 40-year-old youth staying in the Islands will be given 500 yuan once (the second and third days) 3. [Youth Plus] staying in Liyu Island will be charged 500 yuan once (second, Three days) Note: Check-in on Friday and Saturday is not included in the subsidy (identity photocopy can be prepared at check-in) Government overcharged travel vouchers: Passengers holding a gold ticket and staying at the homestay can collect travel vouchers from the General Military Department, After finishing it. #Travel voucher for the first night accommodation subsidy of 200 yuan #Subsidy for the second night accommodation 300 yuan Time: Monday to Sunday from 9:00-18:00. Contact number: 082-324174