• The difference between KinmenTaiwanese biscuits

    There are two types of Kinmen biscuits: round or oval. The salty filling is top-grade meat, green onions, peppers, and spices. The sweet filling is sucrose, which is eaten directly. Taiwanese biscuits are in the shape of long strips, without fillings, and usually eaten with fritters.

  • How to make Kinmen biscuits

    Add flour to the water and mix to form a crust to make a pastry. Mix the crust and the pastry together to make the crust of the pancake. Add delicious inner fillings and bake in the oven to complete the delicious scones!

  • The reason why Kinmen biscuit is delicious

    Kinmen biscuits bite the aroma, and after baking, the layers of meringue exude sesame lard! Salty biscuits are filled with green onion and pork legs, while sweet biscuits are sucrose, so that vegetarians can also enjoy healthy and delicious biscuits!

  Sambochai Biscuits is located on Mo Fan Street. The owner Guo Wenli has been making biscuits for more than 20 years. The three generations of ancestral ancestors have continuously improved the taste of the place. They are named "Sambochai". The reason why they are so named because there were three baby daughters, Therefore, the neighbor Feng Shiye potter Wang Mingzong helped him to choose the store as "Sambochai".  Pure hand-made, fresh and delicious, sweet smelling and soft taste, the main characteristic materials are solid, the crust is brushed with egg juice, and the biscuits are very crisp even if they are cooled. The whole process is done by hand and baked on a slow fire.


    • NewsSambochai participates in the 107-year digital broadband application block plan

      Sambochai cooperated with Tingyu Network Technology to participate in the digital broadband application block project in 2017. Through the deployment of Wi-Fi, it effectively solved the problem that tourists could not obtain travel information due to the Internet, and introduced online malls to drive online and offline stores. Crowds to promote more consumption while introducing mobile payments...

    • Latest AnnouncementJinmen, Jincheng, Mofan Street "Sambochai" biscuits shop, online store selling

       Kinmen’s popular pastry [biscuit] is one of the souvenirs that many tourists must buy. Sambochai biscuit on Mofan Street is the most famous biscuit shop in Kinmen. The biscuit has two flavors, salty and sweet, whether it’s salty or sweet. Have a choice! The long shape is sweet scones filled with sucrose; the round shape is salted scones filled with pig...