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Kinmen tribute sugar is said to be a tribute from southern Fujian in the Ming Dynasty. It was then introduced to Xiaojinmen with the Xiamen cake maker and was widely used for tea and refreshments made by ordinary Han cake shops. With his exquisite craftsmanship passed down over many years, Jin Ruicheng followed the ancient methods and innovated R&D to show the most delicious Chinese food feast, and won many food evaluation awards.

  • Peanuts


    Traditional flavor with peanut aroma, smooth and non-sticky!

  • Bamboo Leaves Peanut Candy

    Bamboo Leaves Peanut Candy

    Bamboo leaves can prevent oil leakage, and have a special fragrance, so the Bamboo Leaves Peanut Candy, special taste, refreshing and not greasy, there are vegetarian and garlic flavors.

  • Taro Crisp

    Taro Crisp

    A special taste refreshment made from pure small golden betel nut taro.


    • PromotionsFree traditional pastry

      If you place an order for a purchase of over 1,000 yuan, you will receive a "Traditional Mouth Crispy Bundle"! You will be given two packages over 2,000 yuan. The more you buy, the more you will get!!!
      (Can be accumulated. If the traditional pastry is out of stock, it will be changed to a comprehensive tribute)
      (Note: "Shipping" is not included in the full amount of gifts!)