Although Jin Ruicheng was jointly operated by Hong Jinzao and Lin Ruimei, they traced the history from Lin Ruimei's grandfather Lin Wumu. Lin Wumu moved from Huian, Fujian to Jinmen. In particular, hired Han cake masters in Xiamen to make Han cakes in Kinmen, because the production of Han cakes requires cumbersome procedures, and also the production of pastry according to the weather conditions, for example: spring and summer is suitable for making pork loin, salty cake, glutinous rice Cakes, etc., suitable for making jujube crisps, twists and peanuts in autumn and winter. Lin Wumu passed this pastry shop to Lin Hude, Hong Qiao and his wife (Lin Ruimei’s parents) and set up the treasure shop of the synthetic cake shop. In the 38th year of the Republic of China, Hong Jinzao returned from Singapore to his hometown to trust his aunt ( Ms. Hong Qiao), who helped, studied, and married Lin Ruimei in the bakery shop run by her father-in-law. She did not return to her hometown of Little Golden Gate to start her own business until 49 years.