"Joan Ranch"originated from the longing and pursuit of the pastoral healthy lifestyle of the pastoral owners, hoping to find their own pastoral pleasure in the hustle and bustle of modern life, to taste and share the healthy and safe food supplied by their own pastures. The concept of pastoralism, health and wellness is the constant original heart of Qiao'an Ranch. Under the continuous driving force of this initial heart, the brand of Qiao'an Ranch has been constantly improved, and the featured products of the farm have been launched in time. Joan Ranch Sorghum Lees Beef Jerky, Dice Beef Horn, Almond Pork Chips, Thick Cut Pork Ribs, Freshly Roasted Thick Egg Rolls and many other delicious ranch products. From the cultivation environment, feeding methods, strict quality control production process, to the name of the Joan Ranch brand, every product must echo the vision of "everyone should have a ranch", and awaken consumers with taste. The idyllic dream in my heart is dedicated to maintaining the health of consumers with a grateful mood, looking for healthy and good pastures, producing safe and good food for people with dreams and advocating nature, and creating a good environment for ecological leisure.

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