|2020 Kinmen Gourmet Special EP.2| Nine Kinmen Kinmen must-eat, local cuisine recommends Daddy Beef Noodles, Hong’s private kitchen, three words, old-fashioned coffee, Yi kitchen exquisite shabu-shabu, Jin Wei Cantonese congee, Jin Xuyuan , Dining hall, Miss Korea

|2020 Kinmen Food Special EP.1| Seven Kinmen Kinmen Must Eat, Local Food Recommendations Babu Douhua, Happy Meeting, Tantianlou, Jin Noodles, Tianhe Health Pot, Yanglou Cafe, Banyan Garden

|Feibo eat a bite| Big stomach challenge Challenge Five-colored egg roll pyramid

|Feibo Waishiji| Eat all over the island EP3: Han Guoren eats a Kinmen Korean cuisine, various pots, sauces, fried chicken, cheeserice cakes

|Feibo Waishiji| Eat all over the island EP.4 I ate a super-large sirloin beefchicken leg steak in Jinmen Wang Ding steak

|Feibo outside food| Eat all over the island EP:5 Big pulp/Balance/Grandpa’s bean curd Kinmen Food Tour

|Taiwan Truth, GoodnessBeauty|The Digital Revolution of “Golden Gate in the Battlefield” 2018.12.09 (Ep. 773-1)