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      7/1-8/31 Play clams to express emotions, grab a bonus and start the event! ! ! As long as you have spent the entire amount in the Golden Gate partner store, you can scan the QR code to get bonus points! Reward points can participate in paid activities or shopping discounts for free! For more information about the event method: https://www.ewindlion.com.tw/lucky/index.php

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      The clams are in love with Golden Lake, creating a street of digital famous products. "New media community marketing" & "Introduction to commercial photography" course activities start registration!   With the advent of the digital age, the characteristics of the new media marketing audience attracting attention, easy to use, easy to communicate, and integrating the community are welcomed by users around the world. Today's stores spend more on social advertising than traditional advertising. It can be seen that the new media community is already closely interdependent in your and my life. But how to sell your own brand to attract people will become an issue that stores need to pay attention to.   Through this course, the project will help customers discover the advantages of their products, enable customers to deeply cultivate their target customers, stand out in the competitive online world, and narrow the relationship between stores and consumers, creating trust and loyalty . In addition, we must assist the store to take an extraordinary sense of professionalism and enhance the quality of the photo. At the same time, let a textured photo not only establish a brand for the store, but also let the store tell your unique story, in order to attract and capture the eyes of consumers. In this era of inseparable from the Internet, every photo and every visual work is an important key to attract customers' attention and accumulate attention. The executive unit Tingyu Network Technology Co., Ltd. and the co-organizers want to enjoy the integration of the consulting company to co-organize the theme courses-"New Media Community Marketing", "Introduction to Commercial Class Photography", will be on Wednesday, June 24 at 1:30 pm The class is divided into 5:30, and the class is located in the conference room on the third floor of Jinhu Town Office. Shops and people who are interested, please go to the event poster to scan the QRcord barcode and fill out the form. After submitting the form, the registration will be completed. The theme courses held this time do not require any fees, and local stores in Golden Lake sign up for priority admission! Event registration link: https://forms.gle/nz2Q9ePsQd3tqvRG9 C ontact Person: Miss Wu 082326993